The factory will be one of the few extrusion factories in the whole of the African continent. In addition to the manufacturing, we already have an assembly plant that’s fully operational and working at full capacity.

The newly build Aluminium Extrusion Plant: landed on 94000sq.mtrs factory space, we are now progressing to the specialized in aluminium profiles production such as melting and casting of aluminum, extrusion and colouring of profiles like plain finish, powder coated, and anodizing. Aside from the primary extrusion production, Brick Products Processing S.C.’s, Extrusion plant will also provide a full-range of on-site services like powder coating, anodizing and thermal break, all in one roof, under our control. We focus primarily on producing superior quality products and finishing with high precision tolerances.

The fabrication workshop: Landed on 53000sq. mtrs we are doing window and door aluminum profiles, sun-louvres, curtain-wall, skylights and internal partitions.

The stock level of aluminum profiles, glass and accessories is valued at a substantial amount, with a regular backup from our home based suppliers

Currently construction of new expansion of Aluminum Extrusion Plant, Anodizing Plant, Powder Coating Plants, and Aluminum melting and casting reached 80%.

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