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Brick Products Processing Share Company primarily established by Ethiopian, Italian, and Grecian investors with capital of Birr 750,000.00. The establishment dates back to 65 years in the name of Ceramical Brick Factory. In the first years of the socialist period the government nationalized the company and was operated under the government. Once again in 2003E.C the then new government again privatizes the company by selling it to Afero-Tsion Construction Private Limited Company. Since 2005E.C the company expands its scope of production to new products like Wood work, Aluminum window and door profile fabrication and Hollow Concret Block production respectively.

Brick Products Processing Share Company is now expanding its specialization in a wide range of aluminum profile production such as melting and casting of aluminum, extrusion and colouring of profiles like plain finish, powder coated,  and anodizing. In the fabrication workshop we are doing window and door aluminum profiles, sun-louvres, curtain-wall, skylights and internal partitions. Our minimum stock level of aluminum profiles, glass and accessories is valued at a substantial amount, with a regular backup from our home based suppliers.

To increase customer satisfaction our company has Building and expanding its own capacity and endavours to fulfill the demand of our country as well as to penetrate in East Africa market by exporting products. Currently construction of new expansion of Aluminum Extrusion Plant, Anodizing Plant, Powder Coating Plants, and Aluminum melting and casting reached 80%.

We maintain three regional installation teams of 10 workers each for the three main geographical divisions in the country (North, East, Central). Each team is made of qualified professionals in such a way that prompt technical solution can be offered to site problems as they arise. In addition one seniour technician co-ordinates the installation of each zone.

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Aluminum Products

  • Aluminum Section
  • Shope front Grills and Entrances
  • Shower Doors and Cubicles
  • Window and Door Glasses
  • Aluminum Curtain wall
  • Aluminum Guard rail and Hand rails
  • S/S Guard rail and Hand rails
  • Aluminum Sun barker
  • Aluminum Skylight
  • Extrusion press machinest
  • Powder coated line
  • Anodizing line
  • Melting and costing line


Our curtain walling systems have been specified and installed in Addis Ababa and Regional states. Our unique lightweight systems offer building designers the flexibility to create the structures they desire whilst maintaining the preformance and functionality demanded by modern buildings.

All profiles are thermally broken to ensure maximum performance and systems include a wide range of features to provide complete design flexibility. These include a capped system and a structurally bonded system, or a combination of both. A full range of standard face caps are available.

Our experienced technical team is available to support specifiers and contractors at every step of the way, from design to installation, and with complete design flexibility we can accommodate the look that you want to achieve.

Combining strong but lightweight aluminium profiles with glazed Sections, our systems can be faceted, curved or angled to create the desired finish, whilst offering maximum light transmission Profile


We are a leader in the design and manufacture of window and door systems. Through our continual innovation we have developed some of the most aesthetically pleasing and performance driven products available in the Tuerky and across the world.

We provide a complete range of products to suit the needs of any project, commercial or residential, providing the flexibility, style and performance that designers are looking for when specifying glazing and access systems. Manufactured to the highest standards using aluminium, our windows and doors are in herently strong, lightweight and sustainable.

Our unique profiles have been designed to meet and exceed the performance standards expected in modern building design, whilst also providing the aesthetic appeal.

Wooden Products

The company produces different type of Wood Work Products like Shelf, Door, kitchen cabinet and Cupboard. The price varies based on the product types depending on customers’ preference of raw materials to be applied.

  • Wooden Doors
  • Built-inCupboard
  • File Cabinats and Shelves
  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Partition Cabinet
  • Partition wall
  • Bank Cantors

Brick Products

Different type of Bricks is produced to the client’s interest. The price of the Bricks varies according to the types.

  • 3H
  • FB
  • Custom

HCB Products

Different size and type of Blocks are produced to the customer. Its price differ accordingl to size and type.

  • 20*20*40
  • 15*20*40
  • 10*20*40
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